Прямая трансляция Суд о признании госпереворота в Украине в 2014 году

Statement of Committee of Salvation of Ukraine and Union of Political Refugees and Political Prisoners of Ukraine

Statement of Committee of Salvation of Ukraine and Union of Political Refugees and Political Prisoners of Ukraine

23.08.2016 | 11:19

Kiev’s authorities once again showed complete contempt for human rights and freedoms, which are secured by Convention on Human Rights and Constitution of Ukraine.

Miroslava Berdnik was arrested – a talented historian, stoic political writer, whose voice was heard from the territory where Banderite mottos and flags prevail now. Hundreds of thousands people started their day reading messages and publications in her live journal.

Her fine pen powerfully and vividly criticized betrayers and political chameleons, who indulged in their ugly articles own cowardice and crimes of OUN-UPA. She courageously gave the lie of incumbent authorities, which reject heroic deeds of warriors-liberators, topple the statues and rename streets.

Her civil feat was “estimated” by Kiev regime. Elderly woman, suffering from serious disease, was put into jail.

Assasination of Oles’ Buzina and ex-MP Oleg Kalashnikov, arrest of Kharkov communist leader and high-profile politician Alla Aleksandrovskaya have become a link in a chain of repressions, terror and political murders, commenced by Poroshenko. Kiev regime settled down to a course of state terrorism. Democratic governments of Germany, France, Italy and other European countries run away from facts of lawlessness, the orders for which directly come from President’s office. The world’s media are also silent. They do not even mention that regime of Poroshenko has long ago grown into dictatorship of a small group of betrayers who seized power.

Arrest and hazard to life of Miroslava Berdnik will tarnish the reputation of world public if together will us it won’t be able to protect historian and political writer from political outrage.

We demand from all human rights organizations to start a fight for life and freedom of Miroslava, for release from jails thousands of Ukrainian political prisoners.

It is time for parliaments and leaders of European states to intervene into the history of Ukraine, which now is written with blood, terror and repressions. The time has come to admit that regime of Poroshenko is criminal and to boycott it, to stop all political and economic cooperation with it.

A country where historians, journalists and scientists are persecuted and assassinated for truth and civic position should drive Ukraine into international isolation and turn it into rogue-state.

We demand to immediately release Miroslava Berdnik and all other political prisoners of Kiev regime.


Василий 18.01.17 21:22:53

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Ну прямо таки, говоря словами Ющенко, любі друзі....

Кавказ 18.01.17 15:00:25

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Шо, какелы, двойные гейропейские стандарты достали? А воны такие (хотя и толерантные)!...

Кавказ 18.01.17 13:41:58

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Аха! Трамп прям телефон оборвал, названивая пердрошенке. Наконец-то дозвонился! Аж на душе легче стало!...

Кавказ 18.01.17 13:39:55

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"Бери" щас уберём, оставим токо "Плати!" Не хворать вам, какелы!...

Nestor Blyum 14.01.17 12:05:12

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Это что,сайт для мастурбирования вяличия гражданами рАсеи? )) Сайт для руцкодябилов,если проще.....

Sergo Ordgenikidze 12.01.17 15:36:31

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Ну, прошло время. И оказалось, что "трагедия" 2015 года оказалась совсем не трагедией. Да, меньше стали кушать картохи... Зато рыбы импортной и ананасов стали есть чуть не в 2 раза больше. В 2016 наблюдается рост потребления по всем категориям продуктов. Т.е. стали лучше питаться и бедные,...

Waldemar 11.01.17 08:35:50

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Иди к ебаной матери...